Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law: Great News for Everyone

by Martin and Sean Simons
Partners – Wenex Technologies

If you’re subscribed to a number of mailing lists, you’ve no doubt been receiving many notifications that, while coming from different sources, have very similar content. Most are likely a very simple statement, indicating the pending enactment of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), and that it requires you to re-confirm your desire to receive correspondence from the sender. As a user, this is great news; it helps you sift through the mailing lists to which you’ve subscribed (there are probably a few you don’t even remember signing up for!), and rather than having to go through any unsubscribe process, you can simply ignore these messages and you’ll never hear from those senders again. It will help you unclutter your inbox and ensure you only get the correspondence you actually want. For every benefit as a recipient of e-mail marketing, there’s an equal advantage for any company who wishes to use e-mail campaigns to stay in contact with their current and potential customer base.

Better Signal vs. Noise Ratio

With clearly defined rules and exceptionally stiff penalties, CASL is certain to help trim the fat from just about every Canadian inbox. E-mail users will become more aware that the messages they’re receiving are ones they’ve made a conscious decision to allow, and must have content that interests them. Your campaigns have a much lower chance of getting swept away as “just another junk e-mail”.

A Captive Audience

Again, users on your mailing list are now ones who’ve explicitly requested the campaigns you’re sending. They should be far more likely to read the content, and are far more likely to be in your target market. By opting in to your correspondence, they’ve already expressed an interest in your business. You’re potentially several steps closer to closing a sale.

Added Credibility

CASL is designed to discredit if not eliminate spammers. Anyone lacking the resources, capability, or just plain motivation to follow the Anti-Spam rules will simply cease sending bulk e-mail. Conversely, those left standing in the e-mail marketing world will have done their due diligence. Their campaigns will seem quite important, necessitating verification and confirmation before receiving correspondence. Messages will appear professional, with clearly stated purpose for the campaigns and visible options for subscription management. The overall look will appear quite well-crafted, by a resourceful company.

Now That You’ve Got Their Attention, Do Something With It!

While the introduction of CASL can bring many benefits to e-mail marketers, it only matters if we do all we can to reap these benefits. This means crafting e-mail messages with:

  • A professional, readable look and feel consistent with your company marketing and branding
  • Content that is well crafted, engaging, relevant, and useful to readers
  • Consistent focus on staying within CASL guidelines
  • Versatility, meaning each campaign can be read on any number of devices, with at least the most widely used software applications

Some may soon dismiss e-mail marketing as not being worth the effort, citing too much government involvement and jumping through hoops. This is the perfect opportunity to get a leg up on your competition by doing your homework, staying on top of the legislation, and putting out the best e-mail campaign possible!