Write Side of the Page Inc.

wsp_revNearly twenty-three years ago, armed with a determination to avoid peeling my crying kid off me and plunking her into an early years institution every morning, I became an entrepreneur. I organized the files of stuff I knew in my brain, mustered up some imagination and BOOM! I encouraged a programmer to develop a computer curling game while I designed packaging and created a direct mail campaign aimed at curlers. Success followed with a total of 4,000 games sold in four countries over the course of 18 months. As a result, I learned the discipline and triumph of balancing home and work life.

Today, I maintain that balance with my business, Write Side of the Page Inc. Services include, Creative Writing, Database Management, Direct Mail Response, Graphic Design, Reports, Research and Targeted Communications.

With nearly 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, I look forward to helping people with their business, non-profit organization, personal or political communication efforts.

I offer full service communication plans (concept to completion) or separate projects such as, Ads, Brochures, Emails, Letters, Newsletters, Manuals, Press Releases, Presentations, Scripts, Web Copy, Response Campaigns. Database Management includes data manipulation; mining (targeting), merging, purging, and householding. Reports include measuring results of a direct response campaign.

For more information please visit www.writesideofthepage.ca.