Stoney Creek Chamber Of Commerce Annual General Meeting, September 18, 2014

This year’s Annual General Meeting was yet another successful affair put on by the Chamber of Commerce. More than 50 guests came to the Union Gas building in Stoney Creek to enjoy great food, networking, and a tour of the host’s impressive facility.

The meeting began with a greeting from Dave Cage, who introduced our gracious hosts, and was followed by a message from Roger Petro, Union Gas representative and host. Next, outgoing president Audie McCarthy gave a recap of the previous year’s events.

The Chamber membership held steady around 440 members, which was seen as a success and a sign of stability within the Chamber. Audie also celebrated the introduction of the Educational Breakfast Series, which centered around social media. The Chamber hosted around 20 events overall this past year, and posted further financial gains over 2013. The Chamber membership then voted to remove the Second Vice President position from the executive.

The new Executive and Board of Directors was introduced, and sworn in by Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina.

The new Board members are:
President – Lori Raudnask
Vice Pesident – Patricia Legato
Treasurer – Kathy Johnston
Past President – Audie McCarthy

Directors – Doug McDonald, Patrick Campbell, Mieszko Chucula, Lorna Rowland, Ralph Vitello, Peter Ipema

Mayor Bratina then followed up the swearing in by delivering a brief speech about Hamilton and Stoney Creek. He pointed out how the growth in Stoney Creek is helping to strengthen the overall economy in Hamilton. The money being put into building and development now will lead to significant tax revenue in the future, which will help grow the entire area.

Lori Raudnask was then introduced as the Chamber of Commerce’s new president. She gave a brief but inspiring speech about her own professional history, and how dedicated she is to the Chamber and the businesses of Stoney Creek.

Treasurer Patricia Legato read the financial report, again stating the financial gains and no significant expenses incurred over the past year.

Kathy Johnston then spoke about upcoming events, including Small Business week in October, and the Holiday gathering in December. She also mentioned advertising opportunities with the Chamber website and print directory, and their great value.

After a motion to adjourn, members were invited to tour the Union Gas building.

The highly informative tour featured the complex which takes advantage of new technologies to conserve energy. It is home to Union Gas’ first solar wall, which supplements the heating system, as well as an attractive green roof over the cafeteria that reduces space cooling loads. About 80 employees and visiting trainees, come from across the province to take classes in the state-of-the-art technical training facility that is part of the complex.

AGM_swearing in