Fall Already?

by Martin and Sean Simons, Partners
Wenex Technologies

It seems like only yesterday we were looking with anticipation to summer and all the warm weather activities it brings and now it’s quickly becoming a fading memory. How time flies and once again, it’s the time of the year for businesses to start planning the fall season and holiday advertising. The Fall marketing season seems to start earlier and earlier every year and many would agree that businesses of all kinds are seeing opportunities to capitalize on holiday spending habits by consumers much earlier than the actual holidays. Now that Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas are looming, it’s a wide open playing field for creative advertising. This not only encompasses retail businesses but extends into the service industry as well as they prepare for the holidays. Many businesses are planning events or specials for the holidays, so now is an opportune time to promote them and reach out to consumers.

As many member businesses begin to shift into full holiday mode, what could be a better time to consider an ad on the Chamber of Commerce web site? It’s an excellent way to reach out the community at large and introduce them to what you have to offer. This year’s web statistics for the first half of 2015 show that there were approximately 4600 visitors to the Chamber web site and projections are for close to 10,000 for the year. So far 65% of those were new visitors while 35% were returning visitors. The majority of this traffic comes from users in the Stoney Creek, Hamilton, and Burlington areas.

The Chamber of Commerce web site is constantly being updated with news, upcoming events, business profiles and articles. The Community Events section that was added last year has been given more attention this year to augment the Chamber Upcoming Events section in an effort to keep the public informed of the many events taking place in the area. The Chamber social media presence has seen more activity on its Twitter and Facebook accounts, which helps to drive even more traffic to the web site. The changing dynamic of the site represents a tremendous challenge and an opportunity to reach out and provide more visibility to the community and thus prospective customers.

The Chamber of Commerce web site advertising rates are some of the most affordable of its type. Chamber ads may be purchased on a month-to-month basis or blocks of multiple months at a time. If you want to take advantage of the holiday exposure you can purchase a Holiday focused ad, then adapt your seasonal message to other time-based promotions, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. specials or revert to another message afterwards. Once an advertising slot is purchased there is no additional charge to change your ad of the same size at any time.

We offer design services if you’d like to customize your existing ad to incorporate a holiday and beyond message or if you don’t have an ad at all, we can create one for you. Also, an added benefit is that your ad can link to your business web site where you can really show off what you have to offer.

Feel free to contact the Chamber Office at 905-664-4000 for details or email us at admin@chamberstoneycreek.com.