As the voice of business serving the local business communities of East Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Upper Stoney Creek, Elfrida, Binbrook, and Winona the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce represents businesses of all sizes from all sectors.  Guided by our policies, the Chamber is a strong advocate for — and works to unite and serve — the best interests of the community and all citizens.

Would you like to propose a solution to a challenge your business has encountered at the municipal, provincial and/or federal level of government that the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce can champion with you?

Submit your challenge, in writing, to the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce Executive Director at and let us advocate on your behalf to enact positive change with all levels of government. As the Stoney Creek Chamber works closely with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, all actionable challenges will be forwarded to gain extra support whenever possible.  

Written criteria should include:

Issue statement – Summary of the challenge (two or three sentences).  What is the business problem or opportunity that needs to be addressed and what government action is required/desired?

Background – A succinct outline of why the issue is relevant and important. The background should include supporting facts and data with citations. (Please ensure this adheres to a 400-word limit. You may attach an appendix with more information if necessary)

Alignment – How does the challenge align to the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce’s vision: “To be the driving force behind business; building a vibrant and prosperous community through leadership” and its Mission Statement: “Strengthening and connecting our local business community through Networking, Marketing and Advocacy”?

Recommendations – List the recommended course(s) of action that government should pursue. Recommendations should be directed exclusively to the appropriate level of government. (Please do not exceed three recommendations).

Estimated financial impact – What will be the cost to the government in new or lost revenues?

Finally, please ensure that your challenge:

  1. Addresses an issue relevant to businesses in Canada and affects members of the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce.
  2. The issue is current, timely and requires action.
  3. The challenge is complete, detailed and supported by factual information.
  4. The challenge does not promote opposition between sectors, industries or regions.
  5. The challenge does not duplicate any existing resolutions being dealt with by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce or the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.


Each written challenge will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

A decision whether to move forward will be based upon several criteria such as:

  • It is not already a resolution on the books with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce or Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • It is not an open issue at any level of government (municipal, provincial or federal), and
  • That the challenge aligns with the Chamber Vision and Mission Statements and proves no risk to the chamber brand.