TAP Program

Propel Your Business Towards Global Growth

Are you thinking of expanding outside your local market?

Get the tools, connections and knowledge you need to take your business into new markets. This specialized program is here to support and prepare you.

The Trade Accelerator Program will help:

  • Give you customized, face-to-face coaching and advice from top industry experts
  • Help you navigate the complex global trade ecosystem
  • Give you access to a network of experts and thought leaders
  • Help you develop and set up an export plan
  • Get you familiar with international best practices and equip you with the tools and resources to continue finding success as you grow your business

No other program offers a comprehensive program like the Trade Accelerator Program. TAP is a one-stop-shop that will get businesses ready to go global in just a few virtual sessions, culminating with a customized strategic export business plan and strategy carefully vetted by top industry experts!

For more information on the program, please contact Leandro Gulmaraes, Manager, Trade Accelerator Program, World Trade Centre, Toronto at lguimaraes@bot.com..